"DJCnC plays for lounges, bars, clubs, stores, special events, baby showers, weddings, conventions, birthdays, house parties, gentlemen's clubs n bachelor parties. Tune into his radio shows on BBOXRADIO.com every Sunday at 11AM  for Sunday Morning Vibes and every Tuesday at 10PM for Space is the Place.

Sometimes you can catch DJ CNC randomly djing out of his CnC Mobile during warmer weather across North Jersey.

DJ CNC collects Afro, House, Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Jazz N Latin music which matches any mood of your liking; vibing well with many Crowds N Events! 


Up. Down. Left. Right. Wrong. Nasty. Classy. Bold. Gold. 
That’s CnC. A DJ for Hire.

With 10 years worth of Experience Points!
DJCNC hails from North Jersey. Though always having a love for music dating back to dancing in front of the tv to Thriller endlessly; CnC didn't conceptualize till about ten years ago. Hip Hop was dominant in his domain throughout the 90s. Then he went off to college n his musical taste expanded through friends, roommates, n the endless internet; to the likes of House, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Rock, Pop, Latin N Jazz. It wasn't until 2006 at a Rutgers college party where his friend invited him to come n deejay. After receiving many compliments was when he came to the realization of being a deejay.

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